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The Significance of Travelling旅行的真谛"You have seen a lot of beautiful scenery; you have met many beauties; you have lost

The Significance of Travelling


"You have seen a lot of beautiful scenery; you have met many beauties; you have lost yourself every short time you walked on the map; you have accumulated lots of flight; you have chosen the souvenirs with heart; and you have collected every sunny day where you go on the map. But you can"t tell the significance of travelling."

The significance of travelling – Chen Qizhen



The scenery people see, the sound people hear, the wind people touch, the road people walk on; once I thought travelling is a visual feast, which is converted from a familiar scene to the strange one. With this curiosity, people try to understand the different way of life. I look at the more and more collected postcards and refrigerator magnets and recall the days before, only to find that what travelling has changed are not only the objects and people beside me but also my heart.


April, a season of flowers, I went to a place where I did not want to leave.


Lijiang in Yunnan; time passes so slowly.


About the trip to Lijiang, I have planed it for a long time but delayed it due to various issues. This time, I decide it with my friend just two or three days before the trip and start off without delaying.


Lijiang is a miraculous place. I bet that people will either love her crazily or hate her so much, due to this is a place where different stories are prone to happen and they often carry different moods.


The first time I saw the miraculous girl"s face was in the evening. It was cool and rained a little. I did not hold up an umbrella. I walked along the stone steps. I saw the high and low but well-proportioned Tetraena five yards of Naxi and the buildings in front and behind the yards. The music with obvious traces of African drummer grated on my ears from the shop. And the mixed people beside me brushed against each other. Someone was floating water lanterns in the evening and it was really like the drama plot. The water lanterns were pink paper lanterns with the shape of lotus and a little notch of candle in the centre. The floater squatted and let them go with the water. Then he stood up straight, watching them slowly went out of his vision......


I liked a lot of inns in Lijiang. They belonged to the style of rural small-breaking flowers. With no gates, the inns only had white fence. A few pots of Marguerite were put at the window as decoration. When woke up in the morning, you could see a few rays of sunlight that pierced through the crack of curtains sprinkling on your pillow. If you listened carefully, you would also hear the river flowing outside the door. Being bathed in the beautiful pouring light, seeing the hot steam rising from the street beside the ancient town as well as a few cages of patties and cups of hot soybean milk, you would be very happy.


Sitting in any coffee shop or bar in the old town of Lijiang, you could be lethargic for the whole afternoon. Being in a daze, playing with the dog, humming a song, you found that time walked very slowly at that moment. Suddenly you saw your childhood when you were playing delightfully on the beach with overalls, and suddenly you saw your old age when you were grey-haired and already had children at the knees. Anyway, at that time you could only let your imagination soar across the sky. Only when saw Madame"s little teddy wag its tail and run towards me could I bring my mind back. So, I held the little guy to the top floor to ventilate. Specially, Madame put a tea table on the top floor, and the table was exquisite with antique color and flavor. The buildings in front and behind of the yards in the town were not high, so I saw Jade Dragon Snow Mountain at a glance that it was silhouetted by thickly dotted and well-proportioned roofs. I did not know whether because of the scene or those things it recalled me, I always felt that I was very close to the sky. It was very white, quite transparent and even a little cool.


Setting on the Aijiao horse in Yunnan and walking along ancient tea route, I had seen the food, clothing, housing and transportation of Naxi Zu. Every time I saw Dongba, I would stop to watch it for a long time. I always thought that hieroglyphics was one of the most beautiful characters in the world, because it conveyed meanings and tender feelings by pictures. But even the most beautiful character cannot cover the scenery that with mountains and water around. It was a pity that I didn"t see the scenery of "One Meter Sunlight" when I was there. It is said that Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is surrounded with clouds on the top all year round; even on the sunniest days, the clouds are difficult to be penetrated. Every year, the Autumnal Equinox is the day when the sun and moon come together and shine together. Only at the most occasional moment could I see the one meter sunshine shine on the top of the mountain. It was very peaceful, quiet and beautiful.


On those days for travelling, not only the scenery along the way was changed constantly, but my heart was baptized enriched. On the way of the journey I did not care how many postcards I had bought, but did care how wide my vision had enriched and how spacious my mood had become. I guess, this is the significance of travelling.

























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